Studio South develops, builds and manages full service motion picture and television sound stages and production facilities, artists lofts and offices. We have partnered with Leidos, a top global construction management company, and Pacifica Ventures, a successful and respected movie studio management company, to ensure that we offer the latest in design, technology, security and services for any production needs, no matter the budget. Our facilities include a nearby Tour Event Center to give the public a chance to learn and experience first hand how movies are made and encourage overall growth of the surrounding community, while also attracting tourists. Our educational partners provide jobs, education and training in the film and entertainment industry.
Our state-of-the art sound stages feature the latest in technology and are built to suit specifications for any production needs, no matter the budget. Studio South and its partners are dedicated to creating and maintaining a level of service among the best in the industry at the lowest appropriate cost. Our facilities and concierge services can provide for the most diverse set of needs.
Going forward, where is the film industry headed? Los Angeles, Hollywood is no longer the only place to find productions setting up camp. So why have so many productions found a home in other states across the U.S.? The answer, greater rebates and incentives. For starters, California is the only state that allocates its funds by lottery, held every June since 2009. That makes it a bigger gamble for producers who need certainty when writing budgets.

Filmmakers are choosing to work outside of California for a number of very valid reasons. Studio South is aggressively seeking locations to expand in states that are hungry for the economic boost the film industry brings. These states increase jobs and revenue by providing incentives for the filmmakers and a high quality of life for those who work in the industry.